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According to the sports of the world reported that j-Lo was named the best player for South America in 2014. Big j Lo unknown six months ago, has now become a top player. This award was elected by the international sports Press Union in South America. In 2014, the j Lo a blockbuster in the World Cup. He led Colombia into the top 8, and 6 Ball won the best scorer. After the World Cup, j Lo sky-high joined Real Madrid for 80 million euros and the team won the European Super Cup and the Club World Cup. Now in the Real Madrid team, j-Lo was the driving force in midfield. As for j-Lo, 2014 is clearly let him change for a year. In 2013, when j-Lo to join Monaco, also seen as Moutinho put head. But now, j-Lo has been among the top players anymore. After you join Real Madrid, j-Lo to spend after a short adjustment period, vibram five fingers became absolute of Carlo Ancelotti's team. J Lo avantgarde in a three-man midfield and playing within the system, system played in four midfield wings winger, had guest appearances in the three-striker system left winger. Played for Sevilla's Colombia striker Baka, just praise on England team-mate: playing for Real Madrid, means a great responsibility, but he's got all the elements needed to succeed at Real Madrid.

Manchester United travel to Aston Villa, although the opponent was sent off on 65 minutes a man, but Manchester United failed to take advantage of number to break the deadlock, but the 1-1 of the draw. United coach Louis van Gaal said after the match the match if the team can't win, it would be unable to compete for the Championship. Manchester United travel to Aston Villa, although the opponent was sent off on 65 minutes a man, but Manchester United failed to take advantage of number to break the deadlock, but the 1-1 of the draw. United coach Louis van Gaal said after the match the match if the team can't win, it would be unable to compete for the Championship. In the final battle in the Bundesliga's second half, Dortmund failed to get out of recession, 1-2 away defeat against Werder Bremen slumped to 2nd last in the standings. Although personally scored a goal but Hummels was unable to save the team, Hummels also sat down on the ground after the game. During his first season as captain of Borussia Dortmund, Hummels, suffered a major setback, which is also a major test of his leadership. Hummels from 2008 to join Dortmund, grow from a 20-year old youngster for today Germany national team main Defender on the Court has become increasingly mature. And after Luis comebacks, Lionel Messi out of the central space of the area, fleas completely bid farewell to the Center's identity. Far away from the goal, often means that the decline in personal data. But after the brace tonight.

In addition, van Gaal said after missing the last two games, Defender Chris Smalling is likely to debut in the match against Newcastle. Manchester City will travel to the hawthorns in the 18th round in the Premier League against West Bromwich Albion. Before the game, Manchester City with 42 ranking 2nd in the Premier League, while only 17 points West Bromwich ranks 15th in the Premier League. 145 times, drove in both teams in history, drew 29 matches, West Bromwich Albion and Manchester City won 54 and 62 nike blazer mid   games. Nearly 8 times against Manchester City 7 WINS, 1 draw dominated. Last West Bromwich Albion to victory over Manchester City, also date back to 2010 Carling Cup. Before news that AC Milan and Atletico Madrid have reached agreement on sublease Torres, while Atletico Madrid will be bought for this summer, Italy winger Alessio Cerci to the rossoneri. Today, Spain newspaper As reported in a front-page story on the news and were confirmed, and Torres ' contract details are disclosed. It is reported that Fernando will play for Atletico Madrid until 2016. It is reported that Atletico's Hill, General Manager in Spain this afternoon local time Milan was consulted regarding the Torres transfer and, as Torres title holders Chelsea had sent representatives.

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  • جمعه 17 بهمن 1393

    Union official announced in December's team of La Liga, Barcelona 3 players shortlisted, was the big winner, Real Madrid 2, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are on the list. Obtained in the goalkeeper position is favored by Malaga keeper Khamenei, in December, Malaga 3 straight WINS, the team only lost 1 goals, as the team's goalkeeper, the man credited with. Midfield trio qielishefu Villarreal, ISCO Dader Malaga and Real Madrid respectively. Villarreal achieved record 4 straight WINS in December, qielishefu played very well and scored 1 goal, 3 assists, and offensively boosted the team. ISCO is also very good to play in December, Real Madrid beat Almeria opened the scoring in the first World War 4-1. Dader is also credited with Malaga to get 3 in a row, 1-0 win over Deportivo in the first world war he scored winning goal. Three men up front is Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid, Vieito Villareal and meixibasa. Cristiano Ronaldo in December continued terrorist fire, single month scoring 5 goals. Messi did equally efficient in December and scored 5 goals. Argentina star Vieito MVP of the yellow submarine, one-month off the 4 ball, he appeared in the well deserved. Warning players not to Serbia to sign, sign they are at high risk because of financial difficulties.

    I know, he would have been well prepared to meet the challenge, because he is very aggressive and he always wanted to go beyond the self. In each game, he has proved this point, I am very happy for him. Lass-Diarra, 28 years old upon debut was hailed as xinmakelailai in 2005, joined Premier League Giants Chelsea, named after France national teams, and joined Premier League clubs such as arsenal, Portsmouth. In January 2009,  nike air max 1  lass-Diarra to Real Madrid, where he wore number 10th, and also has a good performance. However due to failure to secure a stable position, lass-Diarra fell out with Real Madrid again, signing in the summer of 2012 the Russian Premier Club An Zhi. 2013 lass-Diarra moved to Lokomotiv Moscow, but this season and coach conflicts, and at one point was expelled from the first team, from a month ago, he left Russia to the West Ham training on hold, said Russ winter leave Diarra is a foregone conclusion. The Equipe was revealed, Shanghai Shenhua willing lass-Diarra offers a 3-year contract, but Inter Milan also intervene in the deal.

    This summer, the old captain Kyle made a play in Dortmund's decision to retire last season, and also decided to hand over the captain's armband, gives his final season a chance to guide his successor, imparted to his own experience. Hummels as the team's defensive leader, beat veteran Roman Weidenfeller, took over the captain's armband, which is  air max tr 180  affirmation of Hummels maximum. Nobody can imagine the Hummels first season as captain, Dortmund in the League ushered in a rout, it's certainly not Hummels a person's responsibility, but as a captain, apparently Hummels also came under more pressure. After losing to Werder Bremen, television cameras also captured the Hummels at the final whistle of frustration after sitting down on the ground and covered his face with both hands, then put the shirt also covered it on his face, his eyes lost, everyone can feel the pains of Hummels from this screen. Not only the Hummels, Dortmund, maybe everyone can't say exactly what was wrong and where. As a captain, Hummels has been doing her best on the pitch and scored a goal himself, is the man of the match Dortmund's lead in not really too much remorse.

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  • جمعه 17 بهمن 1393

    According to a report in the football market, lass-Diarra himself has now arrived in Italy in Milan, he will transfer negotiations with Inter Milan top, the player joined Inter Milan in January. However there are some obstacles lass-Diarra and Lokomotiv Moscow expires in 2017, the contract is still valid, player insists Moscow has actively and their termination, but the Russian clubs did not admit nor the willingness to let go of free the midfielder, after all, in the transfer market Web site to his valuation of up to 16 million euros. Inter to free sign the powerful midfielder, lass-Diarra is needed between Lokomotiv Moscow and to resolve contract issues. In addition to the midfield, inter's winter signing the most important position is winger. Inter's first goal was Alessio Cerci, but media said Milan competing Alessio Cerci prevailed, they were willing to use Torres for rent Alessio Cerci. Inter now has turned its attention playing for Wolfsburg Croatia winger peilixiqi inter boss Roberto Mancini believes his character in line with their own needs. To peilixiqi's agent, Mancini said peilixiqi for inter's tactics.

    Macy's recent 9-data continues to be a terrorist in 14 games. After a two-game losing streak, Barca played a total of 11 games. Messi did not play in two games the King's Cup, he participated in a further 9 League games and the Champions League. Flea scored in 6 games in total scoring a staggering 14 goals. Against Sevilla, Greece competitive and people when the Spaniards, Messi hit a hat-trick. Against Cordova and AJAX, Lionel Messi scored twice. Against Paris, Lionel Messi also scored a goal for Barcelona. At the time of tonight's nike air max 90  clash with Cordoba, Enrique make way for Macy's position is very clear--to give Suarez road space, with a pass and break through the offensive line the whole team. In the first period, Messi appeared in the right wing position, he will focus on helping Juan Pablo Montoya this last molecule. Lionel Messi returned to the road, he often appeared in front of Sergio Busquets to ball, fleas became a genuine playmaker. Away from the restricted area, making Messi in the first 80 minutes with hardly a personal attack. But Suarez's goal, first originated in Messi for Andres Iniesta sent a straight pass, flea directly instigated the change trend of key goals. When the game entered the final 10 minutes when Cordoba apparently gave up the fight. Decline in physical fitness and morale so that Cordova can no longer be massed defence in the penalty area, Macy's is finally getting enough shots in the front room. 81 minutes when Lionel Messi for Barcelona scoring the third goal.

    Three clubs unanimously decided, Torres will return sheets regiments, and Torres will next week return to Spain and played for the club until 2016, in June. In addition, Atletico team Italy winger will be in January next year to return to the Apennine venue to join the rossoneri. Torres despite the slump in recent years, but Atletico's coach Diego Simeone was very optimistic about his ability. In the summer transfer market, Simone wanted to move from  nike air max classic bw  Chelsea Fernando, General Manager of Atlético Madrid Hill for Torres's form is suspect, Simone's request was refused. But three weeks ago, Simone gave Hill the introduction again Fernando Torres, and the club wants to get rid of Fernando, so Hill decided to follow Simone recommends the introduction of Torres. Fernando Torres at Atletico Madrid became famous, by virtue of outstanding performance, Fernando Calderón absolute protagonist. In 2007, worth 35 million euros to join Fernando Torres for Liverpool at Anfield, Fernando performance highlights became a fans ' favourite. And in 2011 after joining Chelsea for 60 million euros, he has experienced a significant decline in form this season on loan at Milan he is still fail to get rid of bad form.

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  • جمعه 17 بهمن 1393

    Winter break of the Bundesliga will usher in the next 7 weeks, I do not know whether the second half of the season Hummels led teammates to turn, out of its slump. Whether Guardiola, Vilanova is Martino, as pseudo-Macy's Center. But in Enrique's system, Macy plays an attacking midfielder role. Early in the season, Macy's as well as personal attack then offered neymar on the left ball. This is true, but transfer agreements depends on economic conditions, so I think inter is hard to peilixiqi. Following the previous United Kingdom media, the Daily Telegraph, the daily mail claimed, Poland Nova after Christian winter window Bielik is expected to join arsenal, Poland media pilka24 and United Kingdom media sportsmole sites in the last few days revealed that the deal is almost certain to be completed. Bielik, now 16, is currently playing for Poland Club Legia Warsaw Club, his presence and boss level lumbar, can also cameo central defender, Poland U16 is a regular, but this season, he has been shalaijiya on playing first-team games in China, so far there have been 5 appearances, Poland media called it Poland Vieira.

    Xochimilco bolaidika Mirko Poledica, Serbia President of the players Union, said, the current situation is concerned, we received 115 Serbia Premier League players are owed wages complaints, and our Super League a total of 500 players. If the Club filed for bankruptcy in the near future, we would not be surprised. Currently in Serbia in the Premier League, 16 clubs have 8 bank accounts by Serbia National Bank freeze, because they cannot afford to pay players and employees ' wages. We don't want to do, but our job is to protect the interests of players. World professional footballers Theo? fan? Seglen  air max plus  Theo van Seggelen said the players are owed wages for several months, the Club on the brink of bankruptcy. Recently, I have received more shocking news, and some clubs don't even respect the players ' rights, openly threatened players with hooliganism. It refers to the Club FK Radnicki 1923, their players ' refusal to train on December 1, but two days later, the player who was ready to negotiate on behalf of threat are being organized by the Club's fans, if you continue training was going to be hit, which a player also took a beating. It was reported to the Serbia Football Federation and the Football Association, but no action was taken.

    Xavi's cross from the right caused chaos, right foot shot after Lionel Messi in the penalty score. Some unhappy Messi, finally blooming at this time to smile. For the left-footed Messi is concerned, this shot broke his right foot is quite rare. Injury in  nike air max 95  stoppage time, Messi's goal is even more wonderful. Alba's left-wing cross was back near the Macy's, but flew to the fleas behind. Massey place with his left foot after a fancy ball, direction and instant judgments on defensive players scrambling for the goalkeeper to save directions, again with his right foot turned out one potential strong heavy shooting. This ball looks like an understatement, but the technical content is extremely high. In Massey's art collection room, now a classic goal. Was especially surprised to learn this is Macy's La Liga season 7th scored with his right foot, his left foot and only scored 7 goals. Score 1 header and scored 8 goals in the Champions League, Messi right foot goal achieved 4, over a left foot, scored 3 goals in his 23 goals in 22 games this season.

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    Manchester United 6-game winning streak for the morale of the whole team bursting, Captain Rooney spearheaded the call out of the title race after last round's slogan, but is confident Manchester United suffered a blow today, was ranked in the lower reaches of the Aston Villa draw away from home, 6-game winning streak has been ended, all of United's defensive and offensive questions emerged. Manchester United had previously won 6 straight WINS, largely because it is lucky: the match against arsenal, Southampton and Liverpool back line was a sieve, but not the other leg forward soft is David open hanging, let Manchester United without conceding or put the reds ahead again after losing the ball. Against Aston Villa today, compared to normal luck just has to throw the ball, for the disadvantaged situation.  air max direct  United's defence has been great this season, games without conceding or conceding fewer games all by de Gea van Gaal a 352 formation on defense so far is a failure, but van Gaal still insists that this formation is the Foundation of United's resurgence, have always insisted. When the previous streak, Manchester United legend Gary Neville and Paul Scholes are considered problem with van Gaal spilling too much cold water, but their doubts were David God mask-bashing.

    Among them, 11 goals in total in his right foot, left foot, scoring 10 goals, scored 2 goals heading. Having left foot at the same time, Messi and greasing the right God. Macy's for their 2014 drew a good stop, this year, Messi has scored 58 goals in 66 games dished out 22 assists, total manufacturing 80 goals for the team, in which representatives of Barca scoring 50 goals, on behalf of Argentina national team scoring 8 goals, 0.9 goals. Argentina 2014 because of people not far from satisfactory to win any, but hope still lies ahead. Last week, some media had revealed that arsenal with Legia Warsaw Lee g winter window move to consensus for 1.6 million pounds transfer fee. Although subsequently denied Legia Warsaw, Poland media, the pilka24 has recently emphasized that Legia Warsaw is in fact don't want to prematurely exposing the details of the deal, two clubs actually did reach a consensus. In order to verify whether or not the deal was nearing completion, the pilka24 also found evidence the player, Bielik said: I spoke with Arsene Wenger and he answer all my questions, he said to me, after I signed, I can train with the first team.

    The return to Atlético Madrid for Fernando Torres to be one last chance to prove himself. Aguero, dzeko and jovetic made the rounds continue to hurt missing, sources pointed out that they even missed the next round of League matches over the weekend. Now, the last guest star striker James Milner is likely to continue to fulfill this role, midfielder Yaya Toure, Silva played for critical tasks are also very important. According to Sky Sports News, City Manager Manuel Pellegrini has said he is confident that the team continued to win a series of victories, equalling the longest record 9-game winning streak in team history, while he also admits that, Sergio Aguero distance back there for some time. In mid-November after the international break, Manchester City for almost 1 month complete win, UEFA Champions League and the League has a stunning 8-game winning streak. More valuable is that striker Kun Aguero air max thea  has been sidelined for several games, football peishuai team did well at this stage. This summer, the Manchester City Defender Joleon Lescott after the expiration of the contract on a free to join West Bromwich Albion, in bloomers, the Regiment, the first three Lions International has become a team leader. In the years that Manchester City, Joleon Lescott was never able to become a stable force, encountered his master, should be his chance to prove it. West Ham boss Sam Allardyce hailed Jose Mourinho as the best football coach in the world that year, he is welcome to return to the Premier League, perhaps the only real coach Carlo Ancelotti can match Jose Mourinho.

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