Union official announced in December's team of La Liga, Barcelona 3 players shortlisted, was the big winner, Real Madrid 2, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are on the list. Obtained in the goalkeeper position is favored by Malaga keeper Khamenei, in December, Malaga 3 straight WINS, the team only lost 1 goals, as the team's goalkeeper, the man credited with. Midfield trio qielishefu Villarreal, ISCO Dader Malaga and Real Madrid respectively. Villarreal achieved record 4 straight WINS in December, qielishefu played very well and scored 1 goal, 3 assists, and offensively boosted the team. ISCO is also very good to play in December, Real Madrid beat Almeria opened the scoring in the first World War 4-1. Dader is also credited with Malaga to get 3 in a row, 1-0 win over Deportivo in the first world war he scored winning goal. Three men up front is Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid, Vieito Villareal and meixibasa. Cristiano Ronaldo in December continued terrorist fire, single month scoring 5 goals. Messi did equally efficient in December and scored 5 goals. Argentina star Vieito MVP of the yellow submarine, one-month off the 4 ball, he appeared in the well deserved. Warning players not to Serbia to sign, sign they are at high risk because of financial difficulties.

I know, he would have been well prepared to meet the challenge, because he is very aggressive and he always wanted to go beyond the self. In each game, he has proved this point, I am very happy for him. Lass-Diarra, 28 years old upon debut was hailed as xinmakelailai in 2005, joined Premier League Giants Chelsea, named after France national teams, and joined Premier League clubs such as arsenal, Portsmouth. In January 2009,  nike air max 1  lass-Diarra to Real Madrid, where he wore number 10th, and also has a good performance. However due to failure to secure a stable position, lass-Diarra fell out with Real Madrid again, signing in the summer of 2012 the Russian Premier Club An Zhi. 2013 lass-Diarra moved to Lokomotiv Moscow, but this season and coach conflicts, and at one point was expelled from the first team, from a month ago, he left Russia to the West Ham training on hold, said Russ winter leave Diarra is a foregone conclusion. The Equipe was revealed, Shanghai Shenhua willing lass-Diarra offers a 3-year contract, but Inter Milan also intervene in the deal.

This summer, the old captain Kyle made a play in Dortmund's decision to retire last season, and also decided to hand over the captain's armband, gives his final season a chance to guide his successor, imparted to his own experience. Hummels as the team's defensive leader, beat veteran Roman Weidenfeller, took over the captain's armband, which is  air max tr 180  affirmation of Hummels maximum. Nobody can imagine the Hummels first season as captain, Dortmund in the League ushered in a rout, it's certainly not Hummels a person's responsibility, but as a captain, apparently Hummels also came under more pressure. After losing to Werder Bremen, television cameras also captured the Hummels at the final whistle of frustration after sitting down on the ground and covered his face with both hands, then put the shirt also covered it on his face, his eyes lost, everyone can feel the pains of Hummels from this screen. Not only the Hummels, Dortmund, maybe everyone can't say exactly what was wrong and where. As a captain, Hummels has been doing her best on the pitch and scored a goal himself, is the man of the match Dortmund's lead in not really too much remorse.