According to a report in the football market, lass-Diarra himself has now arrived in Italy in Milan, he will transfer negotiations with Inter Milan top, the player joined Inter Milan in January. However there are some obstacles lass-Diarra and Lokomotiv Moscow expires in 2017, the contract is still valid, player insists Moscow has actively and their termination, but the Russian clubs did not admit nor the willingness to let go of free the midfielder, after all, in the transfer market Web site to his valuation of up to 16 million euros. Inter to free sign the powerful midfielder, lass-Diarra is needed between Lokomotiv Moscow and to resolve contract issues. In addition to the midfield, inter's winter signing the most important position is winger. Inter's first goal was Alessio Cerci, but media said Milan competing Alessio Cerci prevailed, they were willing to use Torres for rent Alessio Cerci. Inter now has turned its attention playing for Wolfsburg Croatia winger peilixiqi inter boss Roberto Mancini believes his character in line with their own needs. To peilixiqi's agent, Mancini said peilixiqi for inter's tactics.

Macy's recent 9-data continues to be a terrorist in 14 games. After a two-game losing streak, Barca played a total of 11 games. Messi did not play in two games the King's Cup, he participated in a further 9 League games and the Champions League. Flea scored in 6 games in total scoring a staggering 14 goals. Against Sevilla, Greece competitive and people when the Spaniards, Messi hit a hat-trick. Against Cordova and AJAX, Lionel Messi scored twice. Against Paris, Lionel Messi also scored a goal for Barcelona. At the time of tonight's nike air max 90  clash with Cordoba, Enrique make way for Macy's position is very clear--to give Suarez road space, with a pass and break through the offensive line the whole team. In the first period, Messi appeared in the right wing position, he will focus on helping Juan Pablo Montoya this last molecule. Lionel Messi returned to the road, he often appeared in front of Sergio Busquets to ball, fleas became a genuine playmaker. Away from the restricted area, making Messi in the first 80 minutes with hardly a personal attack. But Suarez's goal, first originated in Messi for Andres Iniesta sent a straight pass, flea directly instigated the change trend of key goals. When the game entered the final 10 minutes when Cordoba apparently gave up the fight. Decline in physical fitness and morale so that Cordova can no longer be massed defence in the penalty area, Macy's is finally getting enough shots in the front room. 81 minutes when Lionel Messi for Barcelona scoring the third goal.

Three clubs unanimously decided, Torres will return sheets regiments, and Torres will next week return to Spain and played for the club until 2016, in June. In addition, Atletico team Italy winger will be in January next year to return to the Apennine venue to join the rossoneri. Torres despite the slump in recent years, but Atletico's coach Diego Simeone was very optimistic about his ability. In the summer transfer market, Simone wanted to move from  nike air max classic bw  Chelsea Fernando, General Manager of Atlético Madrid Hill for Torres's form is suspect, Simone's request was refused. But three weeks ago, Simone gave Hill the introduction again Fernando Torres, and the club wants to get rid of Fernando, so Hill decided to follow Simone recommends the introduction of Torres. Fernando Torres at Atletico Madrid became famous, by virtue of outstanding performance, Fernando Calderón absolute protagonist. In 2007, worth 35 million euros to join Fernando Torres for Liverpool at Anfield, Fernando performance highlights became a fans ' favourite. And in 2011 after joining Chelsea for 60 million euros, he has experienced a significant decline in form this season on loan at Milan he is still fail to get rid of bad form.