Winter break of the Bundesliga will usher in the next 7 weeks, I do not know whether the second half of the season Hummels led teammates to turn, out of its slump. Whether Guardiola, Vilanova is Martino, as pseudo-Macy's Center. But in Enrique's system, Macy plays an attacking midfielder role. Early in the season, Macy's as well as personal attack then offered neymar on the left ball. This is true, but transfer agreements depends on economic conditions, so I think inter is hard to peilixiqi. Following the previous United Kingdom media, the Daily Telegraph, the daily mail claimed, Poland Nova after Christian winter window Bielik is expected to join arsenal, Poland media pilka24 and United Kingdom media sportsmole sites in the last few days revealed that the deal is almost certain to be completed. Bielik, now 16, is currently playing for Poland Club Legia Warsaw Club, his presence and boss level lumbar, can also cameo central defender, Poland U16 is a regular, but this season, he has been shalaijiya on playing first-team games in China, so far there have been 5 appearances, Poland media called it Poland Vieira.

Xochimilco bolaidika Mirko Poledica, Serbia President of the players Union, said, the current situation is concerned, we received 115 Serbia Premier League players are owed wages complaints, and our Super League a total of 500 players. If the Club filed for bankruptcy in the near future, we would not be surprised. Currently in Serbia in the Premier League, 16 clubs have 8 bank accounts by Serbia National Bank freeze, because they cannot afford to pay players and employees ' wages. We don't want to do, but our job is to protect the interests of players. World professional footballers Theo? fan? Seglen  air max plus  Theo van Seggelen said the players are owed wages for several months, the Club on the brink of bankruptcy. Recently, I have received more shocking news, and some clubs don't even respect the players ' rights, openly threatened players with hooliganism. It refers to the Club FK Radnicki 1923, their players ' refusal to train on December 1, but two days later, the player who was ready to negotiate on behalf of threat are being organized by the Club's fans, if you continue training was going to be hit, which a player also took a beating. It was reported to the Serbia Football Federation and the Football Association, but no action was taken.

Xavi's cross from the right caused chaos, right foot shot after Lionel Messi in the penalty score. Some unhappy Messi, finally blooming at this time to smile. For the left-footed Messi is concerned, this shot broke his right foot is quite rare. Injury in  nike air max 95  stoppage time, Messi's goal is even more wonderful. Alba's left-wing cross was back near the Macy's, but flew to the fleas behind. Massey place with his left foot after a fancy ball, direction and instant judgments on defensive players scrambling for the goalkeeper to save directions, again with his right foot turned out one potential strong heavy shooting. This ball looks like an understatement, but the technical content is extremely high. In Massey's art collection room, now a classic goal. Was especially surprised to learn this is Macy's La Liga season 7th scored with his right foot, his left foot and only scored 7 goals. Score 1 header and scored 8 goals in the Champions League, Messi right foot goal achieved 4, over a left foot, scored 3 goals in his 23 goals in 22 games this season.