Manchester United 6-game winning streak for the morale of the whole team bursting, Captain Rooney spearheaded the call out of the title race after last round's slogan, but is confident Manchester United suffered a blow today, was ranked in the lower reaches of the Aston Villa draw away from home, 6-game winning streak has been ended, all of United's defensive and offensive questions emerged. Manchester United had previously won 6 straight WINS, largely because it is lucky: the match against arsenal, Southampton and Liverpool back line was a sieve, but not the other leg forward soft is David open hanging, let Manchester United without conceding or put the reds ahead again after losing the ball. Against Aston Villa today, compared to normal luck just has to throw the ball, for the disadvantaged situation.  air max direct  United's defence has been great this season, games without conceding or conceding fewer games all by de Gea van Gaal a 352 formation on defense so far is a failure, but van Gaal still insists that this formation is the Foundation of United's resurgence, have always insisted. When the previous streak, Manchester United legend Gary Neville and Paul Scholes are considered problem with van Gaal spilling too much cold water, but their doubts were David God mask-bashing.

Among them, 11 goals in total in his right foot, left foot, scoring 10 goals, scored 2 goals heading. Having left foot at the same time, Messi and greasing the right God. Macy's for their 2014 drew a good stop, this year, Messi has scored 58 goals in 66 games dished out 22 assists, total manufacturing 80 goals for the team, in which representatives of Barca scoring 50 goals, on behalf of Argentina national team scoring 8 goals, 0.9 goals. Argentina 2014 because of people not far from satisfactory to win any, but hope still lies ahead. Last week, some media had revealed that arsenal with Legia Warsaw Lee g winter window move to consensus for 1.6 million pounds transfer fee. Although subsequently denied Legia Warsaw, Poland media, the pilka24 has recently emphasized that Legia Warsaw is in fact don't want to prematurely exposing the details of the deal, two clubs actually did reach a consensus. In order to verify whether or not the deal was nearing completion, the pilka24 also found evidence the player, Bielik said: I spoke with Arsene Wenger and he answer all my questions, he said to me, after I signed, I can train with the first team.

The return to Atlético Madrid for Fernando Torres to be one last chance to prove himself. Aguero, dzeko and jovetic made the rounds continue to hurt missing, sources pointed out that they even missed the next round of League matches over the weekend. Now, the last guest star striker James Milner is likely to continue to fulfill this role, midfielder Yaya Toure, Silva played for critical tasks are also very important. According to Sky Sports News, City Manager Manuel Pellegrini has said he is confident that the team continued to win a series of victories, equalling the longest record 9-game winning streak in team history, while he also admits that, Sergio Aguero distance back there for some time. In mid-November after the international break, Manchester City for almost 1 month complete win, UEFA Champions League and the League has a stunning 8-game winning streak. More valuable is that striker Kun Aguero air max thea  has been sidelined for several games, football peishuai team did well at this stage. This summer, the Manchester City Defender Joleon Lescott after the expiration of the contract on a free to join West Bromwich Albion, in bloomers, the Regiment, the first three Lions International has become a team leader. In the years that Manchester City, Joleon Lescott was never able to become a stable force, encountered his master, should be his chance to prove it. West Ham boss Sam Allardyce hailed Jose Mourinho as the best football coach in the world that year, he is welcome to return to the Premier League, perhaps the only real coach Carlo Ancelotti can match Jose Mourinho.